Design of a Genetic Algorithmic Approach for Reducing Energy Consumption in Single Machine Production Systems

Elif Tarakçı, Abdül Halim Zaim, Oğuzhan Öztaş


In traditional production systems, production is generally based on performance criteria such as total completion time, price and quality. Energy consumption or environmental impacts of prodcution systems are not often considered. This article deals with an NP-hard scheduling problem aiming to increase energy efficiency, which has been noticed by companies in recent years. A mathematical model is set up to minimize the total energy consumption in a single machine production system. Genetic algorithm method is used to solve this NP-Hard problem. To prove the efficiency of our model and algorithm, we use the sample problems in the reference paper. According to the test results, our model and algorithm have been shown to reduce energy consumption by 50% compared to the algorithm in the reference paper.


Energy Consumption, Single Machine, Genetic Algorithm

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