Evaluation of Horizon’2020 and Effects on Public Transport

Büşra Boysan, İsmail Ekmekçi


European Union Frame Programs is a research program with one of highest budget in the world. It operates for the purpose of the improving research and technology, to promote university-industry cooperation, creating mutual and powerful sources, providing human resources and to support international cooperation. It provides support with a specially established fund. In Turkey, European Union Programs coordination is done over TUBITAK. TUBITAK, aside from undertaking the job of being a coordinator for constituting international consortiums, it also promotes participation with various support and rewards. In this article, encouraging participation to European Union projects in order to move R&D activities in Turkey to a universal level, general overview will be provided to this process in order to be able to benefit from this effectively. In the direction of this general overview, world trends will be examined under Horizon 2020 headings while discussing the subject of transportation. Especially on the subjects of energy efficiency, smart cities, integrated transportation, effects of projects that are applied or aimed in the world on transportation will be examined. Near future of the transportation sector will be discussed and different models that can be adapted to Istanbul will be evaluated. Transportation potential that will be examined under these headings supported by Horizon 2020 is a pre-promotion to creating consortiums countrywide.


European Union Projects, Horizon 2020, Support Programs, Consortium, Public Transport, Energy Efficiency on Transport, Smart Cities and Transportation, Integrated Public Transport, Projects with Potential on Transportation, Horizon 2020 and Transportation

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