Impacts of Consumer Law No 6502 on Insurance Activities: Comparing With EU Law

Ömer Özkan, Ahmet Karayazgan


As is often the case in many developed and developing countries, in our country, too, the consumer is protected and the extent and limits of this protection is expanding day by day. The last step in this direction was the Law on the Protection of Consumers No 6502, which entered into force on 28.05.2014 and provides important changes and developments. While these developments were achieved within the scope of the consumer legislation, in the insurance legislation area a strong protection has been brought comprising all insurers/insured which is independent from this and is not limited to the consumers. While this protection has been brought onto a new level with the Law on Insurance no 5684 which entered into force in 2007, it has been reinforced with the Turkish Law on Trade entering into force in 2012. While the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No 6502 provided a protection outside the insurance legislation for consumer insured it also has brought about diffused accountability in terms of implementation of the legislation The most important common issue in terms of legislation developments in the insurance and consumer legislation is the effort to reflect the principles, rules and developments accepted for consumers and insurance products/services in the European Union Acquis to national law.In this context our study has been assessed together with the principles and implementing procedures accepted by the Consumer Law in terms of insurance activities and the regulations included in the Insurance Law and related secondary legislation ("Insurance Legislation"). Meanwhile an attempt has been made to refer to the relationship between insurance and consumer legislation within the scope of the EU legislation.


Distance Marketing, Insurance, Consumer, Directive on Distance Marketing of Financial Products, Law No. 6502, Turkish Insurance Legislation

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