An In-Depth Interview: Supply Chain Management in Denizli Integrated Textile Companies

Evrim İldem Develi


In this study, the process between supply chain management, production and distribution is explained through in-depth interviews. It’s focused on examining the meaning of supply chain management (SCM) in literature and flow process of money, information and raw material of SCM. Also, it is pointed out that SCM as a system having principles. As a research method, SCM system is examined in an in-depth interview with towel -bathrobe textile companies in Denizli with facilities integrated from yarn production to fabric production. In-depth interviews were conducted with production managers of 15 towel-bathrobe textile companies. With this study, it is aimed to reveal how the basic rules required for the establishment of a successful SCM apply to the relations with suppliers and customers in the production and distribution processes of towel-bathrobe textile enterprises. In addition, three main SCM flows; money, information and material were analyzed in the participating companies. As a result of this analysis, a common flow diagram was created for these enterprises.


Supply Chain Management, Textile

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