Selecting the Best Pipeline of Yemen Oil Fields & Transportation via AHP

Rasheeq Mohammed Fadhl, Emin Başar Baylan


Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is a decision-making algorithm developed by Dr. Saaty. It has many applications as documented in Decision Support System literature. The importance of decisions in the oil pipeline industry is reflected in the magnitude and nature of the industry. Worldwide, pipelines transport natural gas, crude oil, and finished oil products over long distances within countries and across borders to meet energy needs. Within this proposal for decision to select the best option between multi-band variable options to arrange pipeline for transportation oil safely with lowest cost from selected point in Shabwah production oil fields S1, S2 by using connection with current oil export terminals and pipelines available routs in Yemen, Pipeline to Rass Issa Port via safer Company-Option(1). Shabwah -Safer Mareb, Pipeline Port of Al Shahr (Al Daba) via Petro masila company Option (2). Shabwah -Masila -Hadramout, Pipeline to port (Bir Ali) via MOPS block 4 YCOM company Option (3),Shabwah selected point to MOPS, Pipeline to Aden Port Via Aden Refinery Option (4),Shabwah -Aden refinery. In this study we trying to select the best way to build a new pipeline for the Shabwah region for transportation of oil  from Shabwah production  fields to exports safely with lowest cost   by using  AHP method for comparison and pairwise selection between options and studying the criteria of comparison  which was listed with the following : Criteria of Pairwise Comparison-according to ,(1).Length and distance, (2).Land nature and uses,(3). Risk assessment,(4).Cost of construction,(5).Maintenance operation,(6).Geopolitical parameter.


Oil and Gas Industry, Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Route Selection,Yemen Region

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